Novo-Shade Duo+ Reflectometer
은폐율 & 확산반사율 측정기

Novo Shade Duo

  • 은폐율(opacity) 측정(Hiding Power)
  • 그레이스케일(grayscale) 음영 측정
  • 코팅이나 플라스틱 필름 측정에 적합
  • 분해능(resolution) 0.1%


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Novo-Shade Duo+ 3가지 측정모드가 있다.

코팅이나 필름의 은폐력(Hiding Power) 측정

그레이스케일의 표면의 음영 측정

표면의 청결도나 산화도 측정

특징 :

  • Measures using the 0/45º geometry
  • Fast measurement, single button push initiates measures of defined parameters
  • Shade measurement displayed instantly on screen
  • Automatic calculation of opacity and cleanliness
  • On-board statistical analysis with graphical trend analysis (graphs available in shade mode only)
  • Direct data input via Bluetooth – instantly transmit measured readings directly to programs such as Microsoft Excel
  • Date and time stamped results
  • Automatic calibration with tile validation
  • Compatible with all major international standards

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