Novo-Gloss Flex 60 Gloss-meter


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Product Description


Designed specifically to measure the gloss of surfaces that cannot be measured using traditional gloss-meters, the Novo-Gloss Flex 60 gloss-meter combines the functionality and reporting of an advanced gloss-meter with an ultra lightweight remote measuring head. IMPROVED PERFORMANCE IN LOW GLOSS APPLICATIONS The Novo-Gloss Flex 60 has been designed specifically to measure low gloss surfaces. It features an additional measuring scale with a resolution 10 times greater than standard glossmeters. This increased resolution gives a far superior level of control of surface finish. The Novo-Gloss Flex 60 complies to ISO 2813 and ASTM D523 and measurements made with the instrument are compatible with traditional gloss-meters complying to these standards.


Gloss is an aspect of the visual perception of objects that is as important as colour when considering the psychological impact of products on a consumer.

It has been defined as 'The attribute of surfaces that causes them to have shiny or lustrous, metallic appearance'.

The gloss of a surface can be greatly influenced by a number of factors, for example the smoothness achieved during polishing, the amount and type of coating applied or the quality of the substrate.

Manufacturers design their products to have maximum appeal: highly reflective car body panels, gloss magazine covers or satin black designer furniture.

measuring gloss It is important therefore that gloss levels are achieved consistently on every product or across different batches of products.

Gloss can also be a measure of the quality of the surface, for instance a drop in the gloss of a coated surface may indicate problems with its cure, leading to other failures such as poor adhesion or lack of protection for the coated surface.

It is for these reasons that many manufacturing industries monitor the gloss of their products, from cars, printing and furniture to food, pharmaceuticals and consumer electronics.


Gloss is measured by shining a known amount of light at a surface and quantifying the reflectance. The angle of the light and the method by which the reflectance is measured are determined by surface and also aspect of the surface appearance to be measured.

measuring gloss at 60 degrees

The unit of measurement for gloss is the Gloss Unit (GU) and the measurement scale at 60degrees is 0-1000GU where 0 = a completely matt surface and 1000 = a perfect mirror.

The Novo-Gloss Flex 60 has a measurement range of 0-125 GU and can measure anything from matt surfaces to high gloss finishes typically seen in the automotive industry.

The additional measuring range of GUh provides a x10 resolution when measuring very low gloss surfaces of 0-12.5 GU.

For measurement of gloss, haze and DOI (Distinctness of image) of mid to high gloss surfaces at 20º, please refer to the Rhopoint IQ Flex 20.


Easy Batching

User definable batch names and batch sizes for quicker and more efficient reporting


Rapid data transfer

Software-free data transfer. USB connection to PC instantly recognises the device as a drive location which facilitates the quick transfer of files using Windows Explorer or similar.

Direct data input via Bluetooth

Instantly transmit measured readings directly to programs such as MS Excel on your PC / tablet to greatly simplify the reporting process


novo-gloss multi gauge software Analyse and compare individual measurements made with the instrument

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